June 2019

Policy Training: Storyline 360


Interactive Course


SCORM via Storyline 360


Interactive Module

Project Overview

My employer needed a fast way to train new hires about their complex overtime policy that would:

  • Explain how scheduling, qualifications, pay rate, and timesheet software use impacts overtime pay
  • Clarify current doubts and questions about overtime policy


This was a side-project considered of high-impact due to the volume of questions received by the HR and Payroll team about this topic. I worked with SME's in the company's HR department to create an outline of the course. I performed additional research to clarify state-based exceptions to the policy (i.e: California) and to compile resources employees would need.

The interactive work sample below was abbreviated and adapted for this portfolio using Articulate Storyline 360, and HTML5.


By the end of the training, the learners:

  • Understood the company's overtime policy
  • Knew what qualifies as time worked for overtim
  • Were able to calculate their overtime hours

500+ people gained access to this e-learning module via their learning management system.