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February 2017

New Hire Orientation


Staff Onboarding


LMS: Axonify


12 modules, 5 mentorships, 2 workshops

Project Overview

The New Hire Orientation program was the foundation of my employer's hiring, onboarding and training operations. As the main instructional content designer, I developed a rigorous, centralized and comprehensive hybrid program. I did this by creating e-learning modules, videos, decks, workshops, assessments, and activities.

The main objectives of our Orientation program were:

  • Establish a positive cultural experience for new employees by learning about its mission and its Good Jobs Philosophy.
  • Deliver information on relevant compliance and safety laws, regulations, performance management and HR policies.
  • Clarify expectations about the role, responsibilities, compensation, tech skills, requirements, and ongoing training.


I built the two-week program using a hybrid training model. The staff:

  1. Completed four introductory short modules via Axonify, our Learning Management System
  2. Attended an in-person orientation session
  3. Attended 5 field mentorships, where they shadowed 1-2 veteran staff members (Mentors) to learn the ropes
  4. Completed eight additional modules that dig deeper into our proceses and procedures, benefits & pay, and customer experience training
  5. Attended a final review session where they received feedback collected by the mentors, reflected on what they learned, and set their vision for their role

Below is a small sample of one of the modules I created for this onboarding program:


This orientation program helped us scaled our services operation, going from 30 employees to more than 800 in the United States in less than 3 years.