Managed by Q
February 2017

Customer Experience Training: Rise 360


Interactive Course


HTML5 via Rise 360


4 Online Modules, 3 In-Person Workshops

Project Overview

The goals for this project were to:

  • Help define the organization's Customer Experience philosophy
  • Develop a strategy for how to train our staff on said philosophy, revamping all of our digital and in-person onboarding processes along the way
  • Develop all materials and workshops needed
  • Retrain 800+ customer-facing staff across 4 markets


For this project, I used the ADDIE model of instructional design:

Research & Analysis:

  • Interviewed internal stakeholders (CEO, Directors, Managers and staff) to determine the company's customer-centric philosophy
  • Interviewed business leaders in the hospitality and customer service industries & researched their strategies
  • Synthesized findings from interviews & research


  • Mapped out the outcomes and learning objectives of this training
  • Identified our instructional methodology (blended learning) and delivery options (LMS, in-person workshops)
  • Scoped the entire project, identifying the RACI, milestones, tasks, and timeline (two full quarters)


  • Designed, built and edited all instructional materials: training decks, scripts, videos and coordinated voice-overs.
  • Conducted content revisions and feedback rounds before implementation


  • Uploaded new content to our LMS, creating course pathways, quizzes, and segmenting users
  • Trained 4 facilitators on new training processes, instructional guidelines and tech setup
  • Worked with the Data team to ensure internal collection of training data via the LMS's API


  • Held first training trial with a group of new hires
  • Evaluated the trial by surveying new hires and interviewing facilitators & field trainers
  • Adjusted instructional based on feedback
  • Implemented the program across all markets and set time frame for summative evaluations

This interactive work sample was abbreviated and adapted for this portfolio using Articulate Storyline 360, and HTML5.


800+ staff were trained on the company's Customer Experience philosophy: Create, Relate and Elevate. They:

  • Identified what it meant to Create, Relate and Elevate the customer's experience
  • Developed ways they could adapt Q's customer experience into their workflows

Managed by Q had an 50 NPS (Net Promoter Score), which is considered excellent in any industry.